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  1. All Members should at all times conduct themselves in their relations with other Members, or any other persons or companies, in a manner compatible with this code of conduct. In particular, all Members should endeavor to conduct their affairs so as to maintain the ethical business standard contained in this code of conduct.

  2. No Member of the ASA should agree to pay any commission or other consideration, or any percentage of salvage remuneration, to the owner of the property being salved or to the servants or agents of the owner or to any other person if he has reason to believe that such person may pay the whole or any part of such sum to the owner of the property or his servants or agents.

  3. No Member of the ASA should knowingly attempt to usurp, dispossess or otherwise interfere with a contract freely negotiated and entered into by another Member, always subject to the provisions of the International Convention on Salvage, 1989, Art 8.1 (d). Any offer of additional services should be directed simultaneously to the contracted General Member and the property at risk.

  4. If an ASA General Member with a contract requires assistance, he should give another ASA Member with suitable equipment/expertise readily available the opportunity to tender.

  5. It is recommended that, where appropriate, Members use ASA approved Standard Forms of Contracts, Agreements, Guarantees and other Documents.

  6. When tendering for major wreck removal operations Members should endeavor to ensure proper tendering procedures, i.e. tenders by sealed envelopes to be opened at a fixed time with no further tenders being permitted, and Members should not accept or participate in any other form of practice.