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The primary benefit of ASA membership is networking; ASA members' collegial bond with fellow members promotes business development and improved response capabilities.

Other benefits include:
  • Access to the Western Hemisphere’s leading salvors and wreck removal experts.
  • Networking with the ASA gives you immediate access to the entire ASA membership contact list, with the names, phone numbers, and email addresses of the operational leaders.
  • Build lasting relationships with fellow industry leaders during the ASA’s semi-annual formal and numerous informal meetings.
  • SOUNDINGS, ASA’s magazine has an international maritime distribution of 130,000 digital copies and 3,000 North American hard copies.
  • Utilize the ASA tools and links through the Members Portal on the ASA website. This includes internationally approved contract forms, safety checklists, and helpful websites.
  • Gain insight from the work of the various ASA committees: The ASA’s committees are forging ahead with new concepts and initiatives including:
    • Promoting regulatory fairness for our industry with issues including Responder Immunity and Places of Refuge.
    • Training Coast Guard personnel, government and port officials in salvage and wreck removal.
  • Access to industry’s leading experts in Incident Command, Safety Standards and Regulatory Affairs.
  • Membership activity in affiliated organizations including ADCI, C-PORT, ISU, NAMEPA, NAMS, OMSA, SCAA and others.
  • ASA Members promote the utilization of other ASA members for work.

Those interested to consider membership in the American Salvage Association should apply using the appropriate form below:

ASA General Member Application

ASA Corporate Associate Member Application

ASA Individual Associate Member Application

For any questions regarding membership, please contact:

Lindsay Malen - Habib
Membership Committee