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The ASA initiated its 4-C's Program - Communication, Cooperation and Competent Completion. Stressing the need for continued professionalism in the marine salvage industry, ASA members have agreed to increased capital expenditures, expanded training and an experienced labor pool to complement the expanding interest by the U.S. Federal Government as well as states in the field of marine casualty response.

The ASA is committed to assisting Federal legislators in the building of a strong regulatory framework for casualty response. Salvage operations will be made more efficient and effective through pre-planning and pre-contracting with responsible owners using standardized contract terms and conditions, by rigorous cross training among the triage of the federal government, states and individual companies as well as a formal educational exchange with regulatory agencies and others interested in casualty response. It is only through an effective salvage response that the marine industry can demonstrate to the American public the ever-increasing need for competent salvors in North American waterways.

At the ASA's organizational meeting, the nine salvors present fully recognized that there were other companies in the U.S. fully qualified for membership. Please click on "Membership" in the navigation menu in order to receive more information to help you understand what we represent. Your participation is most welcome.